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10 Best Vegan Chefs to Follow on Instagram

Marisa Petrarca July 5, 2017

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as scrolling through an Instagram feed full of food; especially when you know that it’s all made from real, plant-based ingredients. Not only do colorful Buddha bowls and intricate avocado-toast creations photograph beautifully, but they also serve as serious nutrition inspiration. We love scrolling to find dessert recipes that we didn’t even realize could be vegan. We rounded up ten of the most talented vegan chefs worthy of an Instagram follow. You’re welcome.


Photo Credit: Oh She Glows

1. @ohsheglows

Angela Liddon, founder of Oh She Glows and author of the Oh She Glows Cookbook, started her blog in 2008 to write about her recovery from an eating disorder. Today, she has gained a massive Instagram following for her dedication to creating fun and delicious plant-based recipes that everyone (including kids) will enjoy.


Photo Credit: Mississippi Vegan

2. @mississippivegan

Chef Timothy Pakron has a unique point of view and fills his feed with his passion for plant-based food and gardening. His Garden Pesto Pasta is just one example of his earthy aesthetic. Stay tuned for his cookbook, which is coming in Fall 2018.


Photo Credit: Matthew Kenney Cuisine

3. @matthewkenneycuisine

Chef Matthew Kenney is certainly a celebrity in the culinary world and his Instagram account follows suit. His bio, which reads, “Crafting the future of food,” describes his optimism for the future of the plant-based market, as well as his desire to have a role in this change. His feed of intricately crafted tarts, soups, and toasts double as works of art.


Photo Credit: Avantgarde Vegan

4. @avantgardevegan

Behold, the vegan foodie’s oasis. Gaz Oakley’s Instagram page is flooded with food that actually looks too good to be real. Think we’re exaggerating? See for yourself. Check out his irresistible Ultimate Vegan Cooked Breakfast, as seen above, or his Best Ever Vegan Pizza.


Photo Credit: Edgarraw

5. @edgarraw

Edgar is one of the few Instagram-famous chefs without a blog, yet his Instagram feed elegantly captures his California lifestyle and passion for inspiring his followers. He includes detailed recipes with each of his posts, like this one for Papaya Nice Cream Bowl–the perfect healthy treat for warm, summer evenings.


Photo Credit: The Dreamy Leaf

6. @thedreamyleaf

Chef and author of “Easy Vegan Breakfasts & Lunches,” Maya Sozer’s plant-based creations are a huge hit, both on paper and online. Scroll through her Instagram and you’ll find a stunning array of dishes ranging from Caramel Tarts(as seen above) and Lemon Meringue Cookies to Garbanzo Bean Omelettes and Black Bean Mushroom Basil Lasagna.


Photo Credit: Sweet Potato Soul

7. @sweetpotatosoul

Jenné Claiborne is a NYC blogger and vegan influencer, plus–you guessed it–a huge lover of sweet potatoes. On top of her Instagram feed full of easy-to-make, delicious recipes (like her Lentil Chili Tacos or Sweet Potato Curry), you can also subscribe to her Youtube channel to walk you through her recipes step-by-step.

Photo Credit: By Chloe

8. @chefchloe

Even though Chef Chloe Coscarelli’s Instagram isn’t completely dedicated to food, she still deserves your follow. Not only was she the first vegan to win a culinary competition on television, but she’s the owner of the insanely Instagrammable (and delicious) By Chloe vegan restaurant in NYC. Follow her for a sneak peek into the life of a celebrity chef.


Photo Credit: The First Mess

9. @thefirstmess

The First Mess was founded by Laura Wright to share wholesome meals with the people in her life as well as inspire well-being and celebrate the plant-based lifestyle. Her cookbook features many of the sumptuous recipes on her Instagram–like her Vanilla Corn Cake and Spicy White Pizza with Broccoli, Rabe, & Truffle Cream.


Photo Credit: Earthyandy

10. @earthyandy

Hawaii-based Andrea Hannemann not only posts the best-looking acai bowls, ice cream (inside of a coconut!), and mermaid bowls that we’ve ever come across, but her page is the ultimate Hawaiian lifestyle inspiration and #familygoals.

Marisa Petrarca
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