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“Over the past decade I have focused on the intersection of genetics, lifestyle and nutrition. These three factors are the driving force behind health failure or health success. The Nutri-Therapy platform makes it easy for practitioners to see how these factors work together.

Now, I offer this technology as an option to any patient I see. If a patient has ever had their genetics tested by 23andMe or, the insights that Nutri-Therapy™ can provide using that raw data is like visiting an experienced Integrative practitioner. If you want to learn more, I will connect you to one of my trained, licensed colleagues for further guidance.

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Diet Insights: To keto or not to keto:

Your genes determine what food choices are right for you! For example. If you’ve tried the Keto diet without success, you may have the ACE genotype which causes keto to do more harm than good!


Genetic Insights: Planes, trains, or automobile?

You may need to be careful how you travel. For example, if you’re part of Curos Genoset 12, your blood is at higher risk of clotting during long flights. Smoker? Your risk skyrockets to 16 times higher.


Mental Health: Emotions on the fritz?

There are genotypes influencing which way that switch gets flipped when you’re angry or stressed. And other genotypes cause certain forms of B vitamins to make you feel “on edge” instead of energized.

Don’t wait until you get sick to see the doctor.

Let our doctors keep you healthy.


Easy-to-undersand, straightforward guidance.

Dr. Trutt’s team of licensed practitioner make it easy for you to unlock the code to your lasting health. Below are some of the insights you will get:

Top 10 personalized health recommendation list.

These recommendations highlight the most important findings from your genetics and lifestyle. We focus on factors which will have an immediate impact on your health and longevity.

You can flip through them, or dive in deep to understand the underlying genetic variations you have, how they intersect with your lifestyle and lab tests, and what that means for your overall health.

Health grades, to give you focus.

Our report contains a lot of information, to help guide you through it, we distill each health category into a grade. This is an easy way to understand where your strengths and weakness may be.

Click on any category to further explore the variables which are driving your health reality.

Like all good grading systems, when you let us know that you have amended your lifestyle, or gotten new lab results, you can easily re-run your report to get updated grades that reflect your efforts. We also provide a history of your previous reports so you can track your progress.

Practitioner appointments.

Your report provides a lot of insights and answers, but it may also raise some questions.

We have a team of highly skilled practitioners who work under Dr. Trutt to provide guidance, further testing options and highly personalized treatment plans.

All appointments are done through secure video chat.

Our goal has always been to bring proactive integrative healthcare to everyone.

Personalized supplement recommendations.

We aim to provide you with meaningful insights as to which products may impact your health.

Our supplement recommendations use all of the pieces to the puzzle

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