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Environmental Toxins are a Driver of Allergic Inflammation

Dr. Mark Iwanicki June 2, 2021

Environmental toxins play a large role in the development and severity of allergic rhinitis (and inflammation in general). These toxins (pesticides, heavy metals, phthalates, air, water and food pollutants, etc) drive the immune system towards a more TH-2 allergic, pro-inflammatory set point. Then in the presence of triggers, such as pollen for many people this time of year, the body reacts more acutely.

Avoiding exposure and detoxifying the body’s existing toxic burden can help reverse the pro-inflammatory set point and reduce and even eliminate the majority of allergic symptoms.

In my practice I like using Great Plains @great_plains_laboratory toxic urine screens as well resonance evaluations to determine a patient’s baseline set point. I then like to use European biological detoxifying remedies, binders, chelators (both oral and intravenous) and organ support remedies to help decrease the body’s toxic load. I also like to use natural anti-histamines for acute symptom relief.

Dr. Mark Iwanicki
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
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