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Auto-Immune Paleo Diet a Natural Way to Support Your Immune System

Dr. Mark Iwanicki June 3, 2021

The Auto-immune Paleo diet (Also referred to as AIP, or Autoimmune Protocol Diet) is a more restrictive version of the Paleo diet designed to remove the most common inflammatory foods from the diet.

It is meant as a gut and immune system reset button and can reduce or eliminate symptoms of nearly all autoimmune diseases.

The diet can help to:
❇️Heal leaky gut
❇️Reset the immune system
❇️Reduce symptoms of autoimmune disease
❇️Reduce inflammation
❇️Boost micronutrient intake

Since it is so restrictive it is not sustainable for most people. Working with a health provider you can potentially add some inflammatory foods back in after a period of time (usually around 2-4 weeks) depending on individual symptom aggravation.

A 2017 study found the AIP diet significantly reduced GI symptoms in patients with autoimmune Inflammatory Bowel Disease.


Dr. Mark Iwanicki
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
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