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Anti-Aging Therapy

Curos Health provides anti-aging medicine to thousands of patients in Florida, New York and Texas.

What is anti-aging medicine?

Anti-aging medicine is an exciting and ever evolving medical science and applied medicine which treats the root causes of aging. The goal is to expand the healthy, youthful years of our lives through supporting the natural systems in our bodies which keep us feeling great.

There are significant organizations dedicated to the science of anti-aging such as Practitioners who specialize in anti-aging medicine often come from medical, naturopathic and holistic backgrounds.

What is the goal of anti-aging medicine?

The goal of anti-aging medicine is to understand the causes which lead to the deuteration of our bodies and minds so that we may address these underlying causes with treatments that prevent or even reverse the aging process.

The challenges we face today related to healthcare are distinctly different than those of our forefathers. Moreover, the challenges today are being met by an ever-advancing research and development eco-system which is supported by unprecedented technological advances.

It’s no surprise that because of scientific advancements in the last two decades life expectancy has increased.  That said, the expansion of years has come with it an expansion of the average number of years a person will live in a disease state. While we may have more time, it is not always lived in an optimized state of health.

Aging: The Process Which Defines Us From The Day We Are Born Until The Day We Die

As we reflect upon our youth, or for the lucky ones among us experiencing youth, we think about general good health, strong bones, resilience to illness, high functioning cognition and a general vibrancy. One absolute truth, among others is that during these youthful years our hormones are working efficiently.

When practiced correctly, anti-aging medicine is highly personalized and attempts to retain the essence of youthful health regardless of our chronological age. Another way to think about this is the practice of maximizing our biological efficiency.

Just the same as electric cars and drones have become our new reality, the healthcare world is advancing into what many viewed as sci-fi just 10 or 20 years ago. The rapid advancement of health-tech means innovation in anti-aging is making leaps and bounds yearly.

Many believe that our optimal health is achieved when we are 25-30 years of age. This is when we are fully developed adults with the vibrancy of our youth still intact. With anti-aging medicine we are attempting to support your body to get closer to the state it was in at 25-30 as it was naturally better at fending off age related illnesses.

Many natural aging mechanisms frequently result in actual diseases. From this we can conclude that fighting an aging process may well bring about an improvement of an age-related illness.

Of course, it’s not only humans that ‘age’. Plants and animals do as well. One of the reasons naturopathic and holistic medicine providers have been using ‘plant as medicine’ for centuries is because naturally plants have chemicals which help them fight disease and aging. In using plants as medicine, we are attempting to harness some of the natural power of plants for our benefit.

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