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Should You Take a Break From Your Supplements?
May 3, 2021
FOR VITAMINS AND MINERALS Generally these are needed to supplement dietary deficiencies for proper functioning so usually the answer is no. FOR NUTRACEUTICALS, NOOTROPICS, HERBS AND HOMEOPATHY With nutraceuticals, nootropics, herbs and homeopathy taking a break can give the body a needed reset that will make them more effective once you start up again. So the answer is... most likely yes. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Tachyphylaxis is the process...
Top 5 Hacks to Stop a Hangover for The Integrative Soul (that parties).
Likely most people aren't raging hard every night but if you do chose to imbibe with a little alcohol here and there; here are some tips to help soften that next day hangover: 1-Water-2 glasses for every one of an alcoholic drink. Add a pinch of sea salt for added electrolytes. Alcohol is dehydrating and dehydration is one of the main reasons you feel sick during a hangover. For every...
The Common Link in Chronic Disease : Mitochondrial Dysfunction
The common link in many chronic diseases is mitochondrial dysfunction. Many common toxins, infections and even gut derived LPS block the complexes of the electron transport chain and inhibit the production of ATP energy.The mitochondria are the energy engines of our cells. Without these engines running smoothly we experience fatigue, weakness and breakdown of proper neuronal activity.Supporting detox and treating these root causes while at the same time supporting healthy...