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GI Map vs Standard Stool Cultures for Gut Health and IBS

Dr. Mark Iwanicki July 6, 2021

The GI Map is the best, most comprehensive stool analysis on the market. Nearly all companies use a standard culture process when analyzing stool which requires enough organism at the time of collection to culture out. If there isn’t enough it’s classified as a negative.

The GI Map is so sensitive it can pick up even minute amounts of DNA and doesn’t rely on culturing the organisms out. Meaning it picks up more information more accurately.

If you are suffering from a functional GI condition (IBS, bloating, abdominal cramping, reflux, etc) and would like to work with us one-on-one using the GI map to get to the bottom of your health concerns? Schedule your free consultation now:

Beyond your GI Map, providers here at Curos Health can support your digestive health through food allergy testing. Together, GI Map and food allergy create a powerful combination of data which can be used to settle your gut once and for all.

View some of the latest research below:

GI Map vs Standard Stool Culture Research
GI Map vs Standard Stool Culture Research For the Gut
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