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The Beneficial Link Between BioPerine and Black Pepper

Krista H January 17, 2019

Black pepper is as common as table salt, and wherever you go, these two table toppers tend to sit side-by-side.

In recent years, black pepper has received a lot more attention among health enthusiasts, transitioning from an optional seasoning to a powerful health-booster. This is thanks to piperine, the bioactive compound in black pepper (as well as jalapenos) which yields a wide range of positive effects.

This is where Bioperine comes into play, a patented form of piperine which makes it easy for you to increase the bioavailability of other nutrients.

Whether you’re interested in reducing inflammation or supporting your cognitive health, enhance weight loss or simply get the most out of the nutrient-dense foods you consume, piperine is exactly what you need.

Bioperine Uses and Benefits

The Historical Use of Black Pepper

Since black pepper is such a common ingredient used in your day-to-day life, you likely don’t consider its origin. As stated by Harvard, humans have used chili peppers for over 6,000 years to enhance the flavor of their food and to keep their food from spoiling.

Although historians aren’t certain, most agree that black pepper originated from the Western Ghats of Kerala State in India. When viewing black pepper as a commodity, ancient trading is believed to back around 4,000 years ago.

From there, it was used a traditional form of medicine, prescribed to treat everything from constipation to toothaches. In both ancient Chinese and Indian medicine, black pepper was used as a natural remedy to alleviate pain, influenza, chills, fevers, and even rheumatism.

Utilized by the Romans, Medieval French, and Portuguese explorers, black pepper eventually made its way to the New World and today, Brazil continues to be one of the top black pepper producing countries. Today, black pepper has been cited in dozens of clinical studies, showcasing anti-carcinogenic, anti-diabetic, anti-asthmatic, anti-inflammatory, and other health-promoting properties.

BioPerine Nutritional Supplement

The Lowdown on BioPerine

We can all relate to the pungent flavor of black pepper, which is due to its active compounds, most notably piperine. BioPerine is essentially a black pepper extract that has been standardized to include 95% piperine.

Used as a bioavailability enhancer for more than two decades, BioPerine is a purified extract that allows you to consume piperine in the “right place at the right time” — something in which raw black pepper is not necessarily capable of.

Being able to enhance the absorption of nutrients by a minimum of 30%, BioPerine has been clinically tested in regards to ß-carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, iron, and several other nutrient groups.

How Does Piperine Enhance the Bioavailability of Nutrients and What Exactly Does That Mean?

When it comes to the mechanisms of action associated with piperine, there are three key explanations:

  • Piperine modulates efflux mechanisms
  • Piperine modulates metabolizing enzymes
  • Piperine enhances thermogenesis

Although these effects impact more than your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, piperine’s ability to enhance bioavailability is one of the main reasons it is so beneficial — and is why BioPerine was developed.

In simple terms, bioavailability represents the proportion of a substance, in this case, a nutrient, that is absorbed and able to have an active effect.

For example, when taking BioPerine, piperine influences curcumin absorption, the active compound in turmeric. In fact, when curcumin is consumed with BioPerine, you can enhance the bioavailability of health-boosting curcumin by up to 2,000%, compared to taking curcumin on its own.

Since curcumin has been shown to induce significant health-boosting properties, BioPerine offers a simple and effective way to increase its efficiency and in turn, it’s overall effect on your health. Whether you would like to reduce inflammation or increase your intake of antioxidants, BioPerine will better support your efforts.


What Other Nutrients Are Influenced By BioPerine?

Black is known as the King of Spices, so it’s no surprise that piperine influences such a vast array of nutrients. Being the most abundant alkaloid found in black pepper, piperine was first isolated and extracted in 1819. Since then, researchers have continued to uncover its beneficial effects.

Since the absorption of piperine across the intestinal barrier is rapid, it is of great interest among those aiming to enhance the bioavailability of nutrients (it is also used to improve the bioavailability of certain drugs). In regards to herbalBioperine Supporting Healthy Blood Pressuretreatments, such as resveratrol and curcumin, as discussed above, piperine has the ability to decrease the required dose.

Some of the nutrients that piperine (in the form of BioPerine) impacts include, but are not limited to:

  • Vitamin B6 — When studying the effects of BioPerine, it was found that at the two-hour mark, the maximum serum levels of vitamin B6 were 2.5 times higher in the group who took BioPerine in comparison to the control group. Vitamin B6 supports mood regulation, brain health, and overall development.
  • Selenium — In another double-blind study, it was found that after two weeks of Bioperine treatment, serum selenium levels in the experimental group were approximately 30% higher than those in the control group. Selenium is crucial for the health of your immune system and also helps lower oxidative stress.
  • Iron — During a preclinical study, researchers observed the effect that BioPerine had on BioIron (an organic elemental iron formulation). After showing positive effects in rabbits, the clinical study observed 30 subjects who were given a BioIron tablet twice a day for 56 days. The tablet contained 8.5 mg of iron and 2.5 mg of BioPerine. It was found that this therapy benefits anemic patients, improving blood hemoglobin levels and total iron binding capacity.

In summary: BioPerine is the only product sourced out of piperine and hold a patented status. In doing so, it is also the only piperine source that has undergone clinical studies in regards to efficacy and safety in regards to nutritional applications. With its ability to be co-administered with dozens of nutrients, amino acids, and extracts, it is highly versatile. From vitamin K to zinc, tryptophan to folic acid, BioPerine supports all aspects of your health.

Are There Any Other Benefits Associated with BioPerine and Piperine?

While we have many focused on BioPerine’s ability to enhance bioavailability, the benefits associated with this form of piperine do not end there. Some of the other benefits include:

  • An increase in metabolism — As discussed, piperine is able to improve thermogenesis in the body. By increasing your body’s internal temperature, this process helps break down fat cells. That is why BioPerine is often recommended as part of a more comprehensive weight loss plan.
  • Improved immunityA study published in the European Journal of Pharmacology found BioPerine may slow the reaction rate of lymphocytes, reducing inflammation while improving immune function.
  • Anti-tumor properties — There is some evidence that suggests piperine may have anti-tumor effects. In one key study, published in Clinical Laboratory Science, piperine (as well as resveratrol and cinnamaldehyde) were shown to have anti-proliferative effects on colon cancer cells.
  • Cognitive benefits — BioPerine is believed to have a potential effect on executive functions, helping you improve your attention, memory, and reasoning skills. This was documented in a study published in Food and Chemical Toxicology.

Choosing a Supplement That’s Right For You

If you are interested in taking supplements to enhance your health, it’s important to understand that not all supplements are created equal. Although there are many variables to consider, the quality of ingredients used is one of the main factors you should be aware.

This is particularly important when seeking a multivitamin, as the ingredients used and the ratio of those ingredients matters.

In terms of BioPerine, the majority of the options on the market today are curcumin-BioPerine supplements. Regardless of the supplement you choose, it’s important to do your research – at least make sure that the company did theirs.

The more you understand about what your body needs and the role that supplementation plays in general, the better prepared you’ll be to make informed decisions.

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Krista H
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