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How to Increase Your Metabolic Health

Dr. Mark Iwanicki May 22, 2021

Metabolic disorders effect millions of Americans. A few are: obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. These metabolic disorders can be detrimental to your health and among other downstream impacts can make your body a better hosts for viruses and easier targets for severe disease.

For these people taking their health into their hands and becoming more metabolically fit is critical. By working on becoming more metabolically fit you can start to reverse these co-morbid conditions and become less of a target.

There is one simple equation to keep in mind: Increase Insulin Sensitivity, Decrease Inflammation.

All of these conditions are associated with increased inflammation and decreased insulin sensitivity. By flipping those around (decreasing inflammation and increasing insulin sensitivity) through diet, lifestyle and natural interventions, you can start reversing the root causes of these co-morbid metabolic conditions and create greater health in your life.

As part of our practice we help patients reverse metabolic disease by helping them get a stronger handle on the foundations of their health. If you are interested in working with us one-on-one to address your underlying health schedule you first free consultation now.

Check out my comprehensive guide on how to read your lab values to determine your metabolic health.

Dr. Mark Iwanicki
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
My name is Dr. Mark Iwanicki N.D. L.A.c and I am a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Masters of Acupuncture. I am passionate about helping patients with chronic illness achieve a life of optimal health and wellness and hope to inspire all who visit this site in that same passion. I am currently seeing patients remotely via Zoom online Telehealth appointments.
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