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Natural Anti-Aging Breakthrough – Genetics and Nutrition Hold The Key

Shelly Tobin May 22, 2019

Natural Anti-Aging Breakthrough

Medical science made a major breakthrough in natural anti-aging with the discovery of single nucleotide polymorphisms. Commonly called SNPs (and pronounced “snips”), these nucleotide mutations are the most common kind of genetic variation among people and account for a wide range of individual traits, including markers for many different kinds of medical challenges. SNPs are also responsible for everything from aging to fatigue, as they can cause genetic damage that changes an otherwise healthy DNA strand by introducing new, unwanted, characteristics.

But while the discovery of SNPs has lead to rapid advances in genetic medicine, especially in terms of diagnosis, thinking that your life is going to be determined by genetic mutations and that health issues is inevitable can be not just fatalistic but downright false.

We would like to show you have by employing nutrigenomics, a diet aimed at improving genetic conditions, you are able to take charge of your own life and health, overriding any predisposed genetic programming and SNP expression.

What Exactly are SNPs?

SNPs are mutations that occur normally in everyone’s DNA at about a rate of once every 300 nucleotides on average. Most SNPs have no negative effect on health or development, but some serve as biological markers for certain kinds of health challenges. For example, scientists have discovered a particular SNP that is associated with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Caucasians with AMD were found to be four times more likely to have this particular nucleotide mutation.

This, of course, gives scientists and doctors a powerful way to diagnose AMD before it even occurs, as by gene testing a patient for particular SNPs they can effectively begin treatment before a health challenges can even manifests and slow or stop its progress. Scientists are studying, classifying and cataloging SNPs as we speak, in order to create a comprehensive DNA screening procedure that is projected to be a routine part of public healthcare in upcoming years.

Why SNPs are Only Half the Story

While the discovery SNPs have given us much greater insight into the underlying mechanics of health challenges at the genetic level, we still have to ask ourselves what factors are leading to the mutation in the first place. If there are factors in our control that are also contributing to the SNP expression, this gives us a powerful way to influence our own health outcome and not just be at the mercy of “bad genes” that are going to make us sick.

And in fact, many recent studies show conclusively that SNP expression is strongly influenced by lifestyle and environmental factors, including stress, exercise and of course, food and nutrition. Environmental hazards and toxins, including heavy metals, cigarette smoke and even pharmaceutical drugs have also been found to influence gene expression at the SNP level, making the whole field of gene-environment interactions a wide-open arena with many many different considerations.

The point is however that while we don’t know what is causing every single SNP, we know enough to know that by controlling environmental and lifestyle factors we can actually influence our own predisposition for genetic challenges through changing SNP expression. Which is cause to celebrate!

Thousands of SNPs have been studied for their impact on countless health opportunities and even many different psychiatric conditions. Nutri-Therapy™ makes it possible for you to decode your genetics so you no longer have to sit idly by and suffer because you (like all of us) have genetic abnormalities.

SNPs and genetics are only half of the story that science has unraveled by the discovery of SNPs and other advances in genetic medicine. The other half is completely self-empowering, read on to find out why!

Nutritional Genomics and Longevity Supported Eating

Rising alongside the discoveries in genetic health and the mapping and screening projects taking place in hospitals and medical centers, is the field of nutritional genomics. If we know that SNPs are impacted by environmental factors, why not take a look at how some of the most controllable environmental factors in our lives, namely our diet choices, effect the gene mutation process and the overall health of our genetic makeup. The result is learning how to eat a diet rich in nutrients and compounds that protect our DNA, minimalize unwanted SNPs, and therefore keeps us feeling young and healthy.

Nutritional Genomics is usually split into two fields nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, which we will quickly break down for you here:

• Nutrigenetics – This is study of how the particular genetic make-up of an individual responds to certain dietary influences and ingredients. It can be helpful in determining any food intolerances and explain why different people respond differently to the same food or nutrient.

Nutrigenomics Nutrigenomics focuses on how particular foods and substances affect gene expression and influence gene regulation. Nutrigenomics identifies both substances that case harm by instigating SNPs and substances that can prevent or even reverse these processes and stop the damage to our genes that leads to agin.

Learn more about nutri-genomics here.

Beating Aging and Fatigue at the Genetic Level

By understanding a bit of your own nutrigenetics and employing the latest discoveries in nutrigenomics, you can begin to design a diet that supports optimum genetic performance and guards against genetic damage and breakdown. This diet should also be complemented by healthy lifestyle choices like exercise and stress reduction techniques like yoga and meditation for best results. Your genes are in fact constantly responding to what is happening in their environment, meaning that an environment as nourishing as possible is the best possible way to safeguard your health.

You should, of course, consume a high amount of the specific nutritional compounds that nutrigenomics has found to support genetic protection and proper expression. From common substances like green tea, which is packed with antioxidants that protect DNA, to minerals like boron, that helps wounds heal and protects your DNA from the effects of radiation, there are many natural ingredients that have profound nutrigenomic properties and should be incorporated into your daily diet. When you consume these powerful natural compounds every day, you help regulate proper gene expression, including keeping SNPs from creating negitive conditions at the genetic level. And that’s exactly what we are going to show you how to do.

Shelly Tobin
DNA Testing