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The Empire State is unlike anywhere in the world, a cultural beacon. New Yorkers are known globally as strong, resilient, driven and ahead of their time. For those in New York City, you know the hustle it takes but the rewards it reaps. Those in Westchester, Long Island, The Hamptons and beyond know how absolutely stunning the entire state of New York is. We are proud of our deep roots in New York City, where we have been practicing for over 20 years. Many of our New York patients have been with us for decades.

Here at our Curos Health New York office we know that being a New Yorker requires everything you got. Our practitioners pride themselves on ensuring you are feeling your best so you can do what it takes to win.

New Yorkers demand a doctor and medical practice that listens, thinks and executes a plan to success.

We know that and we agree. You deserve the best.

If you are in New York and suffering from hormone imbalance, the symptoms of menopause, IBS and GI issues or you are on the hunt for anti-aging medicine… look no further, Curos Health is here for you.

Meet Some of Our Team:

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Josh Trutt, MD
Founder and Chief Medical Officer


Maybe you have delayed getting the help you need because you just figure “this is how it is”. We are here to say - absolutely not, we can help.

We are here as the doctor you always wanted in New York to say what you have heard before, there is nothing more important than your health.

New Yorkers have come to know our practice as the place to go when you want the best. We have a found appreciation for what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead in New York, our office is proud to help hundreds of New York patients achieve their highest and best.

Our recipe is simple: listen to you, your pain and your goals. Use cutting edge and tried-and-true testing. Develop a personalized plan for you and support you every step of the way to ensure you are getting the results you deserve.

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The New York Office

“Dr. Trutt and the team at Curos Health is what modern medicine should be!

I’ve spent most of my life focusing on my career, but at 40, I felt unhappy with how I looked and felt. As I thought about where I was in my life, I knew it was time for a change, and time to invest in myself to ensure I could be there for my family, feel great, and really enjoy life in the years to come. I explored a variety of “biohacking” and health apps, and tried out some of the more well-known “Executive Wellness”, Concierge and Integrative services. For me, none lived up to their promises - until I met Dr. Trutt and the Curos team.

Dr. Trutt is - without question - brilliant. And the unique insights he and his team bring around epigenetics, HRT, metabolism, body re-composition, peptide therapy and optimizing biomarker are unparalleled. Their approach is unique in the ways in which they combine cutting edge science with a holistic/ integrated approach to health.

But what truly sets this team apart is the incredible empathy, curiosity and deeply personal commitment they bring to my care. Unlike so many doctors at the top of their field, Dr. Trutt never stops being curious, learning more and thinking outside of the box to find novel solutions. I’ve worked with a lot of talented medical professionals - but I have never felt as seen, as cared for or as understood. And in addition to making our appointments something I actually look forward to, it’s also delivered results.

In the 11 months I’ve worked with Dr. Trutt, I’ve lost 49.1 lbs of fat and gained 28.4 lbs of lean muscle; I’m stronger than ever; feel great about my body; have renewed and consistent energy; have optimized 40+ biomarkers; and have rebuilt my gut health.

At the end of May, I’ll turn 41 but with Dr. Trutt’s help - I’ve never felt younger - according to the last round of labs - I now have the biomarkers of someone 10 years younger.

I can’t wait for my second year with the Curos team - excited to see where we can go from here!”

Hayden M.

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