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Support Both Arms of Your Immune System

Dr. Mark Iwanicki May 3, 2021

Our Immune system has two major arms-The Innate (or non-specific-responsible for general immune defenses) and the Adaptive (or specific-responsible for specific defenses-memory T and B cells). Supporting both arms is crucial for optimal immune defense.

Many of the nutrients that help the innate immune response also help strengthen the cells of the adaptive immune system (B and T cells). The only real way to develop specific immunity is to be exposed to a specific bug. Ensuring immune optimization through these methods however can make sure you develop a strong and lasting immune memory if or when you are exposed (either naturally or through a jab).

For specific brand and dosing guidelines on these nutrients check out my Immune Optimization Guide (link in bio). I also prioritize these recommendations to make them not as overwhelming.

For more detail on in depth mechanisms and further recommendations check out Dr DiNicolantonio’s book The Immunity Fix available on Amazon @drjamesdinic.

Dr. Mark Iwanicki
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
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