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The Common Link in Chronic Disease : Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Dr. Mark Iwanicki May 3, 2021

The common link in many chronic diseases is mitochondrial dysfunction. Many common toxins, infections and even gut derived LPS block the complexes of the electron transport chain and inhibit the production of ATP energy.

The mitochondria are the energy engines of our cells. Without these engines running smoothly we experience fatigue, weakness and breakdown of proper neuronal activity.

Supporting detox and treating these root causes while at the same time supporting healthy mitochondrial functioning by providing the essential nutrients our mitochondria require is key to restoring healthy functioning of our cells and bodies.

Dr. Mark Iwanicki
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
My name is Dr. Mark Iwanicki N.D. L.A.c and I am a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Masters of Acupuncture. I am passionate about helping patients with chronic illness achieve a life of optimal health and wellness and hope to inspire all who visit this site in that same passion. I am currently seeing patients remotely via Zoom online Telehealth appointments.
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