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Thymic Peptides and What They Are Used For

Dr. Mark Iwanicki May 3, 2021

Thymic peptides can help enhance the Adaptive immune response. In certain viral infections the immune system gets stuck in the innate/ initial non-specific immune response and has trouble moving into the adaptive or specific immune response where the body can finally get a handle on the infection. The innate responses spirals out of control and more and more inflammation is produced eventually leading to something called a cytokine storm. By helping the immune system get into the adaptive response more quickly and effectively we can avoid this inflammation spiral. Enter Thymic peptides.

Thymic peptides mirror naturally occurring proteins in the thymus gland which help stimulate and regulate T-cell production (one of the main cells of the adaptive immune response). The Thymus gland is a vital gland of the immune system that trains and teaches young T-cells how to differentiate what is us and what is foreign to us. Defects in this training process can lead to Autoimmunity. A decrease in T-cell numbers leads to decreased immune function.

Thymic peptide therapy has been studied to help in Autoimmune disease, cancer, decreased immunity and is even being studied for its benefits in the current pandemic virus.

If you would like to try Thymic Peptide therapy please fill out our Peptide application (link in bio). After we review your application you will need to schedule a Peptide consult with Dr Trutt. Feel free to DM with any questions

What is they Thymus gland?

The thymus gland sits above the heart and plays a vital role in the Immune System. It is responsible for T-cell growth and maturity. It is a major component of the Adaptive Immune response.

Thymic peptides mimic naturally occurring Thymus gland proteins to help stimulate and modulate the healthy functioning of the Thymus gland.

What do Thymic peptides do?

  • Increase number and quality of T-Cells
  • Boosts Adaptive Immune response
  • Helps fight off infections
  • Can help immune response to Mold Toxicity
  • Can help normalize Immune system function in Autoimmune Disease


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